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Marian Belgray, MA AMFT

Associate Therapist

You are innately worthy. When you truly believe and remember that, your life falls into place. I help my clients feel heard, seen, and grounded so they can experience honesty in their relationships, fulfillment in their work, and confidence in themselves. In my former life as a TV producer and comedian, I loved operating at a high level while making people laugh – no matter how dark or difficult things sometimes seemed. This quality eventually led me to become a therapist. As your therapist, I can help you optimize your work, harness your creativity, and find balance in your life; all with a healthy dose of humor and authenticity.


Much of my work focuses on the struggle with perfectionism, whether it manifests as anxiety, depression, addiction, workaholism, or good ol’ avoidance and procrastination. I hold Master’s degrees in both Clinical Psychology (Antioch University) and Spiritual Psychology (University of Santa Monica). Using techniques drawn from narrative therapy, mindfulness, and CBT, we’ll build on your strengths or even uncover some you didn’t know you had. As a parent and a creative person myself, I’m drawn to work with creatives, parents, couples, and individuals who are learning to manage challenges with addiction, depression, bipolar illness, or other forms of stuckness. I believe every person has within them the resources necessary to heal and grow. Part of our work together is to discover and uncover those resources so you can enjoy your life.

Marian Belgray, MA AMFT
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