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The Origin of Clear Mind Full Heart

Years ago when I was on a surfboard for the first time ever at a beautiful beach in Nicaragua, I had an amazing moment of clarity and joy. I was far away from the stress of everyday life without any of the usual noise - no traffic, no internet or cell service, no alarms and no surprises. As the wind gently blew on my face (during the three seconds I actually stood up on the board and rode a wave!), I was fully present in the moment as it was happening - with nothing else entering my head. Any thoughts and feelings of worry, pressure, sadness, anxiety, or fear were all gone. My mind was clear. It allowed me the space to feel pure joy in my heart.


I realized that having a clear mind gave me the opportunity to be present. That presence of mind brought me to a place where I could feel joy. It was a revitalizing and energizing experience that I knew I had to somehow share and incorporate into my professional work as a therapist. In essence, it is about learning how to effectively quiet the outside noise and quiet the critical voice we hear inside. With this clarity, we can really be present for experiences while they are happening and act with integrity and authenticity as we open ourselves to joy and fulfillment in life.


I founded Clear Mind Full Heart with this philosophy at the core. I have cultivated a team of therapists that have a wealth of clinical expertise and life experience. We share an approach to the work that focuses on building an awareness of what is happening unconsciously in order to have authenticity and conscious control over what we do, think, and feel. We can't always go surf on a beach in Nicaragua but we can learn how to live our lives every day with a clear mind and a full heart. 

Douglas Friedman, LCSW 


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