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Laura Halperin, MA, AMFT

Associate Therapist

I believe in the transformative power of insight. We can have an “Aha!” moment that allows us to gradually bring our puzzle pieces together. We uncover the reasons why we are the way we are, feel how we feel, and do what we do. I work with you to illuminate the unconscious so we can better understand and appreciate ourselves. As Leonard Cohen sang, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s where the light gets in.” In therapy, we start to actualize the picture we have held in our minds of who we really are. After working for 25 years in the entertainment industry, I changed my path and transitioned to becoming a therapist. I am grateful for the opportunity to help make sense of your puzzle pieces and transform your picture into the story of you that you truly want to embody.


My approach is one of authenticity, openness, curiosity, empathy, humor, and boundless enthusiasm for your journey of understanding, healing, and growth. I am here with you, whether you are seeking therapy to help manage anxiety or depression, to process an old or new trauma, or to navigate the challenges that life puts in front of you. With my clinical knowledge and my own extensive life experience, I can help guide you through a tricky transitional period, navigate the often wildly unpredictable realm of parenting, or reconnect in your personal relationships. I look forward to meeting you where you are, and beginning the work of self-discovery, recovery, and thriving.

Laura Halperin, MA, AMFT
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