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Doug Friedman, LCSW

Founder & Therapist

My approach blends nearly twenty years of work in psychology with natural compassion, humor and insight. I'm not a passive therapist, I'm interactive in sessions. I use a holistic and eclectic approach that pulls from a range of clinical methods and life experience. I join with you to explore patterns, identify goals, and learn skills to facilitate growth and recognize potential for change.


I am invested in helping you live the life you really want, the way you really want to live it. In my private practice, I provide a safe space where people can be heard and understood. I will nurture you and challenge you when needed. I see people looking to improve the dynamics of everyday life and resolve conflicts that come from more difficult issues.  I help individuals and families develop emotional strength, clarity and confidence.

I specialize in helping to re-wire patterned thinking in your brain through talk therapy. Without a bunch of clinical jargon, we have relatable conversations in session where I'll be direct and interactive. We stay in the present to shift behaviors and ways of thinking, while also getting to the root of the issues and the feelings by processing them at the core.

Doug Friedman, LCSW
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